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The pianist Nicolas Horvath, adept of extremely long concerts and other out-of-the-ordinary-format project, is offering a 12 hours musical journey, a complete sonic immersion in the Terry Riley's 70's “All-Night Concerts” spirit. The GlassWorlds is one of Nicolas's exculsive project presenting to the public all the piano music of the American genius composer and more than 100 exclusives homages from more than 40 countries and almost all musical styles. It received a great public success for its world premiere in Paris at the European temple of avant garde Art : the Palais de Tokyo Museum, with fantastic articles in major newspapers such as The Guardian or le Parisien and in national radio like France Culture.





















The concert as two majors poles : The Philip Glass complete piano music with 6 sub-divisions; and the Homages, organized alphabetically. 


The Introduction is made with the most wonderful way, with the 'Opening from Glassworks' and the gentle Oprhée Suite transcribed by Paul Barnes.

The second stop display an out-of-the-ordinary Philip Glass: his pieces the most virtuoso. Real “tour de force”, the Etudes offer a Glass technical complete panel. The highest peak, in exclusivity, the Paul Barnes breathtaking transcription of Glass' 2nd Piano Concerto “After Lewis and Clark”.

3rd Island: Glass public most known creation: his movie music transcribed by Riesman (The Hours, The Truman Show, The Screens...).

The 4th pole, a panorama of his most well known piano pieces: Metamorphosis, Mad Rush, Wichita Vortex Sutra...

The 5th Station is about the rarest of Glass' pieces: his youth compositions. Avant-gardist and without compromise, real audial and sonic experience, they are in the purest American tradition of the 70's, when minimalistic music was more known as “psychedelic music”.


The concert ends in a form of a huge bonus. Nicolas ordered more than 100 Homages to composers from all over the world and different compositional technique such as : free atonalism, graphical notation, ebow, virtuoso tango, guadeloupean carnival , post minimalism, neo romanticism, contemporary improvisation, persian fugue, spectral music, mix electroacoustic-piano... It brings a new, fresher vision of the American master music, on a gigantic scale, something that was never achieved ever for a living composer. 

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