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The Homages

by Nikolaii Westgarth


With compositions from over 110 composers from 45 different countries, Glass Worlds is an epically globalised exploration into 21st century avant-garde music. Prefaced by the entire Philip Glass piano repertoire the audience is then guided through the Philip Glass homages, each visited, one by one like sound objects in a vast multicultural music safari. From Brazil to Belarus; Egypt to Estonia; Taiwan to Turkey; UK, Iran, France, Guadeloupe Islands, USA, Cape Verde, Germany, Japan the list is endless. Every single composition, varying in style and by internationally renowned composers has been exclusively written specially for Nicolas Horvath's virtuosic expertise. The eclectic mix of composers is diverse. From up and coming composers born in the 90s, to more seasoned composers, with post-minimal to post-complexity styles and a multitude of other avant-garde influences and/or folkloric. Whether it is the music from Marcell Magyari, who's work draws on the aleatoric approaches to minimalism with influences from Lutoslawski and Kurtag or the even more abstract approach of Bil Smith's music which involves a painting and written words for a performer to decipher into a composition. From whatever perspective, Glass Worlds offers something enjoyable for everybody. 


With incredible stamina and concentration (and with fleeting aid of eye drops every few hour and maybe a sip of red bull), Horvath undertakes the entirety of this repertoire from start to finish without a single break, playing for at least 12 or more hours. From one continent to the next, country-by-country, Glass Worlds surges continuously forward.

Echoing the informal New York School approach, the audience is free to get up, move around, lie down on a pillow and blanket and even have a quiet snack or a bar visit. Whether audience members come from beginning to end, leave for a bit and return or only stay for a few hours; being able to listen to this gargantuan musical process is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be fully taken advantage of! Don't let it be missed!

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